Entertainment Design Projects

Boardwalk at Cedar Point

3 new rides and a new dining facility shown in this original design and animation bring new life to an area of Cedar Point. Taking the place of the former Extreme Sports Stadium, the new boardwalk area allows the park to open up views to the beach with new thrills and eats, immersing guests in the beautiful shores of Lake Erie.


Planet Snoopy Expansion

This is an original design and animation highlighting an expansion of the existing Planet Snoopy at Cedar Point, currently occupied by the space of Kiddy Kingdom. Design includes seven new family rides as well as a family inverted coaster, show area, and eating facility.


Badlands - Wooden Coaster

This is an original design and animation showing a new wooden coaster named Badlands make its way to Frontier Trail at Cedar Point in an area previously occupied by a now-defunct water ride. Design and animation show the new area and roller coaster being integrated into the existing environment. 


Taninim - Canada's Wonderland

Using an existing location at Canada's Wonderland, this original design and animation highlight a new roller coaster by Rocky Mountain Construction. Currently occupied by Wild Beast, this replacement would offer a much superior, perfect to compliment the nearby Leviathan. 


Mean Streak Makeover

3 years prior to actual construction, this original design and animation showcases a concept that would involve a company called Rocky Mountain Construction essentially "remaking" a then-existing wooden coaster and turning it into a hybrid coaster by installing a completely new design onto an existing structure. 

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