Don't Wait Go Do

When I was 18, I chased a dream to convert a van into a camper and travel across the country. 

I had a passion, a dream, and a drive to make it happen. I could have waited until I was older, or waited until I had more money, or waited until I finished school, but I wanted to explore this country now. 

As I began my journey I wanted to spread a simple message:

adventure is possible on any scale

I shared my journey on Instagram and YouTube and started gaining a following of others who loved the message of Don't Wait Go Do and watching the journey of building out an empty cargo van into a livable space. 

Entertainment Design

I've always had a passion for themed entertainment.


I've created several different original park designs integrated into existing areas along with beautiful, detailed animations to convey my ideas with something everyone can easily see.


I believe that without animation, designs are simply blueprints and drawings. Animation brings ideas to life before they are a reality to let people see how the design will come together in real life.


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